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Vietnamese : V182 (06/07)

MP: Overtime spa

No: V182

Race: popiah

Face: 3/10 (there's a reason they blur out her face on wechat, in this case thick makeup is really needed)

Age: let's just say she is very experienced

Body: 8/10 slim

Boobs: 6/10 C cup obvious fake boobs

Ass: literally flat

Massage: 6/10 actually not bad

Service: 10/10 willing to do almost anything, I change gfe to service la

HJ: 8/10 she wanted me to try everything, but surprisingly good

BJ : 9/10 she also did hot water bj, which was nice at first, but in the end i preferred the normal bj

FJ: 8/10

Damage: 238

WIR: Up to you, if you don't mind the face or the silicon (just turn off the lights lol), then her service is pretty worth it. She also used to do 3p, but the girl she did it with is injured or sick or something.

P. S. Overtime spa itself is set up like a hotel, have beds in the rooms that you can overnight there for no extra charge, so can consider, even if it's with other girls.

Credits to : Lokxxxx

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